How to Discover Your Purpose to Love Your Business and Your Life

The Step-by-Step Workbook Covers (24 pages):

  • Your Personal Passion Project: How to Dream without Limits
    • Exercise: If I could spend my time any way I liked
  • Keeping a Journal: It’s Not a Diary. Doing this specific method of journaling helps you to discover your true passion over time
    • Exercise: My Daily Questions: Brainstorming Activity
  • Creating a Journaling Space that Inspires Creativity and Frees your Mind to Dream
    • Exercise: What’s in your ideal Journaling Space?
  • Discover Your Elemental Essence
    • Exercise: Elemental Archetype Quiz
  • What Others Think: Your Passions May be Obvious to Everyone Else but You so Ask
    • Exercise: Discover Your Superpower, Discover your Passion
  • Looking Back. Discover your Passion from the Future
    • Exercise: Your Autobiography
  • Get Out of Your Office: Your Passion is out there waiting to be discovered
    • Exercise: Plan New Experiences
  • Chase Shiny Objects: The Possibilities Truly are Endless
    • Exercise: List of Future Projects to do Someday
  • Evaluation: Time to Put it all Together so you can Love your Business and your Life
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